Hungary, Bela III Follis

Date: 1172 - 1196 CE
Kingdom of Hungary

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Item Description:

 Béla III was a very important king of Hungary, famous for preserving the kingdom's independence from the Byzantine Empire. These copper coins are dome shaped, featuring the Virgin Mary on the obverse and portrait of Béla III and Stephen IV seated together on the reverse.

Ironically, follis coins depicting Béla III are based heavily upon Byzantine designs. The cup shape of the coins draws inspiration from trachea, and the artistic style is nearly identical as well. The similarity shows how important the Byzantine Empire was to Hungary economically, even if they weren't on the friendliest terms with the neighboring superpower.

Our Béla III follis coins date between 1172 and 1196 AD, and measure approximately 25mm in diameter. They have been inspected by an ANA Certified numismatist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Portrait of Béla III
Portrait of Béla III

Portrait of Béla III.

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