Germany, "Hand of God" Heller

Date: 1250 - 1331 CE

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Item Description:

 These silver heller coins date back to the 13th to 14th and century were minted in the city of Schwäbisch Hall (or just "Hall" for short) in what is now Germany. They feature the right hand of God on the obverse side, a notable symbol in early Christianity. The reverse features a cross.

Although full bodied depictions of God in Christianity eventually became more acceptable, they were considered sinful until the late Middle Ages. This was due to the Second Commandment, which specifically states "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image." Because of this, showing only a right hand was often used as a more respectful way to show the presence of God, both on coins and in other Christian art.

Of course, restrictions on full body depictions of God would gradually ease over the next couple centuries—Michelangelo famously depicts a full bodied God reaching out to Adam in his circa 1512 fresco The Creation of Adam.

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