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Origin: These late 18th century French coins circulated during the French Revolution (1789 - 1799). There are four types of copper coins available from the reign of King Louis XVI, made shortly before his execution by guillotine in 1793. Each of these has a portrait of the king on the obverse side.

We are also offering coins from the French First Republic, a short lived period that saw the reshuffling of power in the French government before Napoleon became emperor in 1804. Instead of a portrait of the king, coins of the First Republic depict Marianne, who is a fictional personification of liberty and the republic.

Please note that these coins were heavily circulated in their day, and the examples we have are very worn. Ordering the "Random Low Grade" type is $10 cheaper, but please know that those coins have major damage or wear and little detail remains.

Each coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Storming of the Bastille in 1789, a fortress and prison that represented royal authority in Paris.

About Louis XVI

As king, Louis XVI was often seen as uncapable and out of touch. Faced with a mounting national debt spurred by the cost of wars like the American Revolution, Louis made the problem worse by refusing to raise taxes on the nobility, taking out even more loans, and eventually letting France slip into economic catastrophe.

But while his subjects starved outside the royal palace, Louis and his queen Marie Antoinette continued to enjoy a life of luxury. Tensions finally boiled over when the French people revolted in 1789, marking the beginning of a 10 year revolution that would see over 16,600 people executed. Ultimately, neither the king nor queen would escape the wrath of their subjects—both were imprisoned and guillotined in 1793.

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