Counterfeit Half Crown Coin, George III (#7) - 1819 - Great Britain
Counterfeit Half Crown Coin, George III (#7) - 1819 - Great Britain

Counterfeit Half Crown Coin, George III (#7)

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Coin info:

  • Denomination: Half crown
  • Authority: Bank of England
  • Ruler: King George III
  • Date: 1819
  • Design: Bust of King George on the obverse, crowned coat of arms on the reverse
  • Metal: Brass (real strikes are solid silver)

This specific coin is a forgery of the official 1/2 crown coin issued by the Crown:

George III, often known as the "mad king that lost America," is perhaps best known for his suffering from mental illness. For a long time historians believed that the king suffered from porphyria, a genetic blood disease that ran in the royal family and could cause anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations among other symptoms. However, modern analysis of letters written by George has revealed that the king more likely suffered from bipolar disorder.

These coins were minted towards the end of George's life, after the king had lost his mind completely in 1811 and was living a life of seclusion in Windsor Castle. In reality, the Prince of Wales and eventual king George IV was already in power at this point.

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