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Counterfeit 3 Shillings Bank Token, George III - 1811 - Great Britain
Counterfeit 3 Shillings Bank Token, George III - 1811 - Great Britain

Counterfeit 3 Shillings Bank Token, George III

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Coin info:

  • Denomination: 3 shillings
  • Authority: Bank of England
  • Ruler: King George III
  • Date: 1811
  • Design: Bust of King George on the obverse, "BANK TOKEN 3 SHILL." on the reverse
  • Metal: Brass (real strikes are solid silver)

This specific coin is a forgery of the 3 shillings bank token issued by the Bank of England: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces16742.html

Bank tokens of King George III were issued during the early 1800's, at a time when Britain was experiencing a severe coin shortage. Faced with financial instability at the tail end of the Napoleonic Wars against France, the Royal Mint was unable to keep up with the demand for new coinage. As a result, new coins were issued under the Bank of England instead, which were technically not legal tender but accepted due to their metal content.

This bank token is what's known as a contemporary counterfeit, a forgery made by criminals of the time period to pass as genuine currency. Forged bank tokens were made from metals of inferior value, allowing skilled counterfeiters to turn a profit. While the original coins were silver, counterfeits were usually made from brass (which was sometimes wrapped in a thin layer of silver to make the coin more convincing).

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