SS Central America, Gold Rush Nugget - 1857
SS Central America, Gold Rush Nugget - 1857
SS Central America, Gold Rush Nugget - 1857
SS Central America, Gold Rush Nugget - 1857

SS Central America, Gold Rush Nugget


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Origin: These gold nuggets are as close as you can possibly get to the California Gold Rush of the 1850's. They were discovered aboard the steamer SS Central America, which was sunk by a hurricane in 1857 while carrying 30,000 pounds of California gold to New York. Having served as a time capsule for almost 150 years, this wreck is one of the only sources of gold that can definitively trace its origin to the California Gold Rush.

Each gold nugget weighs approximately 0.25 - 0.45 grams, depending on your choice of weight. They are encased in an NGC® holder and include a display stand.

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SS Central America

Left: The SS Central America, its wreckage, and gold coins recovered aboard. Right: Commander William Lewis Herndon, the ship's captain

The tragic story of the Ship of Gold

The sinking of the SS Central America was far more than just a tragic loss of profits. It nearly killed the US economy as well.

Departing from Panama on September 3, 1857, the ship carried with it 447 passengers, 101 crew, and 30,000 pounds of gold transported from the California Gold Rush.

Disaster struck just three days later—a Category 2 hurricane battered the ship off the coast of the Carolinas, and it sank shortly after. All its riches and all but 153 passengers would be claimed by the sea.

The implications of the sinking were dire. The massive loss of life seemed bad enough, but soon the true consequences set in.

About $8 million worth of gold had been lost at sea, which is over $550 million today. This gold was desperately needed by the banks of New York to boost their reserves.

This shook the American economy to its core, at a time when it was still on the gold standard. It directly contributed to the Panic of 1857, a period of financial crisis that did not subside until after the Civil War.

The wreck of the SS Central America would not be located until 1988, with the total value of recovered gold being around $100 - 150 million.

Your order will include:

  • One NGC certified gold nugget of the SS Central America, weighing approximately 0.25 - 0.45 grams
  • Glass top leather display box
  • Detail card with relevant information about the relic
  • Cloth pouch to prevent scratches
  • Certificate of Authenticity


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