Alexander the Great Bronze Hemiobol

Date: c. 336 - 319 BCE

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Origin: These Macedonian bronze coins were minted in the name of Alexander III, better known as Alexander the Great. These coins were issued with two main designs, with the first showing Alexander as the Greek hero Herakles on the obverse and a bow and club on the reverse. The second shows a Macedonian shield on the obverse with a gorgon or head of Herakles in the center, and a Macedonian helmet on the reverse surrounded by the letters B and A (which stands for BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEΞANΔΡOY, or "of King Alexander").

The denomination of these coins has been referred to as either a hemiobol or a tetrachalkon by modern scholars, but either way the value would have been one twelfth of a drachm. They were likely made within Alexanders lifetime, although some bronze coins continued to be produced in his name for a few years after his death.

Alexander's military prowess firmly cemented him into legend. At just sixteen, Alexander lead the Macedonian army to a swift win against a Thracian uprising. He not only drove them out, but colonized their territory with Greek settlers and renamed it Alexandropolis.

Of course, this same boy would grow up to conquer Greece, Egypt, Persia, and everything in between. But Alexander had a dark side. He was known for being power hungry and tyrannical, often torturing and killing those who spoke against him. Nevertheless, Alexander was struck down suddenly from unknown causes at the age of just 32. Though his legacy is complicated as it is vast, few others have changed the world so much in such little time.

These coins measure approximately 15 to 20 mm in diameter, and each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Alexander the great mosaic

Alexander depicted in a Roman mosaic over 200 years after his death.

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