Roman Silver Denarius (You Choose Emperor)

Date: 100's - 200's CE
Roman Empire

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Origin: This Roman silver coin is a denomination known as a denarius, and was minted during the Roman Imperial Period. While the obverse (front) side of the coins always show the bust of the emperor, there are many different reverse (back) side designs that show a variety of gods or other notable figures.

For 500 years, these denarii were the backbone of the Roman economy. There's no simple way to convert denarii into modern dollars, but we do know that a denarius represented about one day of work for the average skilled Roman laborer. Archaeological evidence from a bar in Pompeii also reveals that a denarius could purchase 16 glasses of cheap wine.

These beautiful silver coins were minted from 211 BCE to 244 CE, when they were eventually replaced by smaller bronze ones.

Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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