Brown Bess Musket Ball

Date: c. 1815
British Origin

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Origin: These "Brown Bess" musket balls come from a stash discovered under the floor of the Nepalese palace of Lagan Silekhana, located in the city of Kathmandu. Originally given to Nepal by the British Empire in 1815 as military aid, they were stashed under the temple floor where they remained hidden away until being unearthed in February 2003.

The "Brown Bess" is a nickname given to the British Land Pattern Musket and its variants, a rifle famously utilized by both the British and colonial American forces during the American Revolution.

Up until the early 1700's, military firearms were not standardized and were often custom made to suite their purchaser. This presented a problem for the armies of the world, in that finding ammunition and repairing the weapons was difficult due to each one being unique. Pattern muskets like the "Brown Bess" solved this problem, with arms makers referring to a standard template when creating new weaponry. This musket ball was one of the first forms of standardized ammunition. It is .75 caliber, meaning that it is 0.75 inches in diameter. 

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The British Land Pattern Rifle, better known as the "Brown Bess"

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