Prehistoric Stone Weapon

Date: Stone Age: 10,000 BCE
Northern Africa

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Origin: These prehistoric flint tools were discovered in Northern Africa and date back to the Neolithic or Mesolithic Age (10,000 - 3,000 BC), right after the end of the last Ice Age. They were likely used as arrow heads, spear points, or even scrapers, but are often referred to as "projectile tips" by archaeologists because their use can never be known for certain.

The Stone Age lasted for roughly 3.4 million years, up until the adoption of metalworking which happened between 8700 and 2000 BC depending on the region. Both homo sapiens and other species of early humans used a primitive method known as flintknapping to craft tools, including arrowheads, knives, axes, and hammer-type instruments. The era can be divided into three periods: the Paleolithic (2.5 mya), Mesolithic (10,000 BC), and Neolithic (6,000 BC).

Our stone weapon tips have been acquired from a specialist in flint artifacts. Shape and length vary, with each specimen being around 0.5 to 1.5 inches long. Each has been thoroughly inspected for authenticity.

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